Free NetFlow

Free NetFlow reporting solutions are available on Windows, Linux, and VMware. They all share a common goal: to provide network performance monitoring metrics that empower administrators to monitor bandwidth and determine who is consuming the most network resources, where they are doing it, with what applications, and when.

Free NetFlow Collector

Our free NetFlow collector provides the details needed to troubleshoot network performance issues as well as investigate malware infections and cyber attacks. All versions of NetFlow, J-Flow, Netstream, IPFIX, and sFlow are supported on a single platform. Best of all, our solution has multiple licenses:

  • Free NetFlow Reporting: Most reports are enabled, but the collector drops all data history just after midnight every day. It is also limited to 5 flow-exporting devices.
  • Commercial NetFlow Reporting: Tiered licensing based on flow exporters provides the best NetFlow collector experience with additional reports and pricing that remains within your budget for network monitoring.

Best NetFlow

The best NetFlow analyzer to invest in isn't limited by the constraints of NetFlow v5. If you're looking for details from your Cisco ASA, Palo Alto Networks firewall, or SonicWALL firewall, the advanced NetFlow reporting module provides details on username, applications (e.g. Youtube, Facebook, Skype, etc.), URLs, and more. Many of today's NetFlow and IPFIX supporting vendors include metrics on latency, packet loss, retransmits, caller ID, jitter, etc. But even if your hardware can export them, you can't report on these metrics without a NetFlow reporting solution that understands these new 'elements.'

Gartner recently stated that flow analysis should be done 80% of the time and that packet capture with probes should be done 20% of the time.

Distributed NetFlow

A distributed NetFlow collection solution demands an architecture that can scale into the millions of flows per second. Many Cisco ASA NetFlow environments require massive collection capabilities. Each NetFlow appliance can independently collect, process, and store over 100,000 flows per second and run flow analytics to detect cyber attacks.

NetFlow Appliance

A free NetFlow solution may get you started, but as flow technologies mature, hardware will start exporting greater details, requiring new reports and much greater collection rates. A scalable NetFlow appliance provides peace of mind knowing that the data you need is available when you need it and that nothing was dropped.

NetFlow Training

If you are interested, check out one of our Advanced NetFlow Training seminars in a city near you. You'll also receive a copy of our NetFlow book Unleashing The Power of NetFlow and IPFIX.

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